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3 Benefits of Smart Commercial AV for Your Restaurant

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How to Make Your West Vancouver Establishment Stand Out 111 Hello

Commercial AV

When guests arrive at your restaurant, they might be coming with a certain expectation of how they can use the space. Maybe your establishment is hosting a party or a business event. Maybe guests want to use your dining spaces to watch a game. Or maybe your guests want to hear a particular style of music. Optimizing your commercial AV system can help you fulfill these expectations for your British Columbia clientele with aplomb. To learn more about three specific benefits of audio and video, continue reading.

On the Floor

In the main dining room, you can use commercial audio video to set the right tone for your restaurant. Before you select your music or screening selections, you’ll want to make sure that your system provides your guests with great sound and picture.

In terms of audio, the speaker placement is highly important. If you have only a few speakers, you’ll have to up the volume on each one to fill the entire space. That means that some guests will have a comfortable listening experience while others will feel like the sound is too loud. Using many smaller speakers can be more effective at evenly dispersing the audio. If you have a more casual establishment or are known for hosting sporting events, you may want to add televisions in such a manner that everyone has a good view.

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Simple Control

Once you have an audio video system in place, you’ll need a way for you and your staff to easily control the source material and volume depending on the changing conditions in your restaurant. If there’s a big game on, you might want to change the source to the television, or if several guests request a volume change you want to be able to do it quickly. With a smart audio video system, you can easily control all of these aspects from a dedicated touch screen or tablet. With intuitive control, you’ll cut down on training new employees on how to use your equipment.

Personalized Special Events

Big events can be a great way to transform a slow night into a profitable one. If you’re hosting an event for a group, like a business meeting, wedding reception or birthday party, you want to make sure you have a space that your guests can make their own.

Adding a projector and screen means that businesses can host meetings over lunch or a birthday party can include a slideshow. You’ll also want to make sure that you include a high-performance audio system for accompanying music or so guests can hook up a microphone. Adding a dedicated touchpanel to these private dining rooms empowers the guests to change up their audio and video to match their preferences. Of course, you can include a few restrictions so the sound isn’t so loud it’s disturbing the other guests.

If you’re interested in adding commercial audio video to your West Vancouver restaurant, you want to make sure the job is done by a team of professionals. Contact Westcoast Audio Video Gallery to help your establishment stand out from the crowd.

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