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Vancouver Home Surveillance Cameras

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Enhance Your Home Security System with the Right Equipment

Many aspects go into a home security system--from access control to alarms. In this article, we’re going to focus on surveillance cameras and how to find the right type for your home. These cameras provide homeowners a glimpse at their property when they can’t be home by streaming live footage to their phones or tablets. This can help you keep an eye on the family, watch your pets, deter crimes, and gain peace of mind. To learn more about security cameras for your North Vancouver, BC home, continue reading.

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Type of Camera

The first choice is what kind of camera is right for your home. Your choice will depend on where you are placing your cameras and what you would like to use them for.

Fixed Cameras

These cameras are appropriately named in that the picture does not move. They cover one area and remain fixed on that location. The simple design means that they are highly reliable and typically require less maintenance.

These cameras are best used in areas that you would like to consistently monitor, like entranceways or windows. Typically, you would want to install a series of fixed cameras to cover a larger area.

PTZ Cameras

PTZ stands for “pan, tilt, zoom,” which provides these cameras with a greater range than their fixed counterparts. You can control these cameras remotely or find a model that tracks movement automatically. They can also be programmed to patrol a specific area over a period of time. </p>

While these cameras can cover greater areas, like large rooms or backyards, there is a greater chance that these cameras will miss something.

360-Degree Cameras

These cameras use several fixed cameras in a single housing. The images are then combined for a full and continuous view of a large area. Often, these cameras will allow you to zoom in on the picture after the fact.

These are sometimes sold as a universal solution, but there are a few practical concerns. For instance, if these are used inside the home, there are often obstructions. It’s important to carefully map out your security cameras--even if they promise 360-degree coverage.

Camera Housing

The next choice is what housing will hold your surveillance camera. We cover three options below.


Dome housings look like a bubble and are good at concealing the angle of the camera. This can be a powerful deterrent for potential criminals. Both 360-degree and PZT cameras are good candidates to use a dome housing.


When you think about home security cameras, this is probably the style that comes to mind. They are usually cylindrical in shape. They clearly point to the area that they are filming.

Generally, they provide a good picture. The camera is close to the front of the housing, which reduces reflection.


Sometimes you want to be discreet about your surveillance. Maybe you don’t want your camera to upset your interior design. Whatever the reason, a discreet housing might be in order.

Some housings are made to look like smoke detectors or motions sensors. Some look like nothing at all, like pinhole lenses or lenses mounted flush with your wall or ceiling.

Finding the right camera for your British Columbia home can be a challenge. In order to find the right version for you, partner with AV expert WestCoast Audio Video Gallery. Contact us today to get started.

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