3 Reasons to Work with a Professional Home Automation Company

A man uses a Control4 touch panel to customize his home.

Trust the pros and get the ultimate smart living experience!

No matter what kind of home improvement you’re planning to add to your house, the need for professional help is undoubted. Just like you always reach out to a licensed plumber, electrician, or contractor whenever you need some repairments, contacting a professional home automation company is the best way to ensure your smart systems and devices will provide you with the unique living experience you are looking for. 

Keep reading our blog below to learn the top three reasons you should hire a home automation company for your project in Vancouver, BC, or anywhere else in the Greater Vancouver area.

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Smart Automation Attracts Prospective Tenants and Buyers

A man pulling out a bottle of champagne from the refrigerator while a woman taps an on-wall Crestron touchscreen.

Work with a Commercial Integrator to Make Your MDUs Stand Out 

There are few industries that technology has not significantly altered in the last several years, and the multi-dwelling market is no different. This is due, in part, to the younger generations who seek convenience and efficiency. This generation grew up with the internet and understands the digital world as well as the physical. They don’t know life without a smartphone, and as smart technology advances, these prospective MDU tenants expect preinstalled intelligent devices as a key amenity.

So, what is the growing expectation in luxury multi-dwelling units in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and Greater Vancouver area? Let’s explore this changing terrain and how a commercial integrator can ensure a project that includes this in-demand technology at the best ROI.

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Enjoy an Immersive Cinematic Experience at Home

A large home theatre with gray chaise lounges, a large movie screen, and a Sony projector.

Lifelike Images and Engulfing Surround Sound Draw You into the Scene

There was a time when the best immersive cinematic experience could only be enjoyed at the finest movie theatres, and even those were few and far between. Times have changed. As more homeowners expressed the desire for ultimate entertainment at home, audio video manufacturers listened. 

Today, you can experience the big screen with lifelike images in brilliant colours, contrast, and depth. The immersive 3D audio surrounds you, and the latest ergonomically designed tiered recliners or sectionals leave you relaxed. The result is a successful attempt at what every great movie theatre strives for—suspending your disbelief for a few hours and carrying you to another place in time.

At Westcoast Audio Video Gallery, every home theatre installation is customized and unique to our client's vision and lifestyle. For some, that means a designated home theatre with tiered movie seats, LED lighting, and floorstanding loudspeakers. For others, it incorporates comfy love seats and sofas, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, and a room designed for group movie nights, video game marathons, and gathering with friends and family for the season’s sporting events. 

However, the two traits both takes on the home theatre have in common are lifelike images and immersive surround sound. Let’s explore how we’re transforming rooms into exquisite home theatres in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and Greater Vancouver.

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Experience the Power of a Multi-Room Audio System

A room with a sectional, flat screen TV, two Paradigm floorstanding loudspeakers, and one center channel loudspeaker.

Enjoy High-Fidelity Music and Audio Throughout Your Home

Music can rejuvenate and relax us, lift our troubled spirits, and transport us to another place in time. When you think about it, audio is with us for much of the day. When we wake, we may turn on our “Good Morning” playlist or tune into the news. When we return home from work, we turn on the stereo or enjoy our favorite Netflix series. Audio seems to surround us wherever we go.

What if this audio could be the pure reproduction of sound—hearing every note as if for the first time? And what if our music greeted us when we returned from work and welcomed us when we woke in the morning with no effort on our part?

All this is possible with multi-room audio. Let’s explore the makings of music that fills the air and how this system transforms homes here in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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