Experience the Power of a Multi-Room Audio System

A room with a sectional, flat screen TV, two Paradigm floorstanding loudspeakers, and one center channel loudspeaker.

Enjoy High-Fidelity Music and Audio Throughout Your Home

Music can rejuvenate and relax us, lift our troubled spirits, and transport us to another place in time. When you think about it, audio is with us for much of the day. When we wake, we may turn on our “Good Morning” playlist or tune into the news. When we return home from work, we turn on the stereo or enjoy our favorite Netflix series. Audio seems to surround us wherever we go.

What if this audio could be the pure reproduction of sound—hearing every note as if for the first time? And what if our music greeted us when we returned from work and welcomed us when we woke in the morning with no effort on our part?

All this is possible with multi-room audio. Let’s explore the makings of music that fills the air and how this system transforms homes here in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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