Experience the Power of a Multi-Room Audio System

A room with a sectional, flat screen TV, two Paradigm floorstanding loudspeakers, and one center channel loudspeaker.

Enjoy High-Fidelity Music and Audio Throughout Your Home

Music can rejuvenate and relax us, lift our troubled spirits, and transport us to another place in time. When you think about it, audio is with us for much of the day. When we wake, we may turn on our “Good Morning” playlist or tune into the news. When we return home from work, we turn on the stereo or enjoy our favorite Netflix series. Audio seems to surround us wherever we go.

What if this audio could be the pure reproduction of sound—hearing every note as if for the first time? And what if our music greeted us when we returned from work and welcomed us when we woke in the morning with no effort on our part?

All this is possible with multi-room audio. Let’s explore the makings of music that fills the air and how this system transforms homes here in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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A Distributed Audio System

A multi-room audio system delivers sound throughout your home via multiple high-performance speakers. In some rooms, our clients enjoy impressive high-fidelity loudspeakers. In others, nearly invisible in-wall and in-ceiling speakers deliver the music that seems to float through the air. 

All your audio equipment is tucked away, neatly housed on an AV rack in a closet or basement. From there, the audio is distributed into every room. Now, your family shares the same audio technologies, including turntables, streaming music servers, CD players, and satellite radios.

When integrated with your home automation platform, it’s all controlled from one user-friendly interface on touchscreens or remotes. One family member may enjoy jazz in the kitchen while another rocks out to their favorite playlist by the pool. Still another tunes into their afternoon podcast in the office. When it’s time for dinner, one beautiful melody fills the home.

A High-Fidelity Brand

At Westcoast Audio Video Gallery, we specialize in smart home automation and high-performance audio video. The products we use are of the highest caliber and selected with exacting precision. One of our recommended lines for multi-room audio is Paradigm Persona speakers. Paradigm’s flagship Persona line is proudly crafted in Canada. 

Paradigm is one of the few high-fidelity audio manufacturers that uses patented pure beryllium foil for their diaphragm material. This rare chemical element is stiffer and lighter than other diaphragm materials, resulting in transparent performance, low audible coloration, and high-resolution detail and depth. The line consists of seven models: the 9H Flagship, three floorstanding loudspeakers, one bookshelf speaker, a center channel loudspeaker, and the line’s subwoofer. 

The wide range enables our clients to pick the perfect solution for their unique needs. Paradigm also offers in-ceiling speakers for those who want to hear high-fidelity music without seeing its source. The result is crystal-clear vocals, controlled bass, and a natural and transparent sound that will take your favorite tunes and movie soundtracks to a new dimension. You can choose from 18 premium colors and three grille color options, making these phenomenal loudspeakers align with any home’s aesthetics.


Are you ready to explore the possibilities of high-fidelity music filling your home? To learn more about multi-room audio or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Westcoast Audio Video Gallery today.

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