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Custom Home Audio Systems Vancouver

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Leon Speakers Will Impress

Building a beautiful home audio video system requires the right equipment. In the world of audio, every space needs a unique solution that depends on the acoustics and audience. Plus, you want to make certain that your equipment fits in with your decor. Doesn’t it make sense to design custom equipment to meet these needs? Leon Speakers offer products tailor-made to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. For your Vancouver, BC home, consider what great audio would mean: enjoying a film with cinema-quality sound, listening to your favorite song like never before, and impressing friends while you watch the big game. Read on to discover more.

Custom-Built Soundbars

For your media or living room, are you looking for the perfect audio solution to mesh with your television viewing? A sound bar may be the solution. The horizon series from Leon are custom made soundbars. Unsure of what your space requires? Working with an audio expert—like Westcoast AV Gallery—throughout this process will ensure success. Below are a few of the ways the soundbars can be customized:

  • Size: Leon will build a soundbar that matches the exact dimensions you require. Your new speaker will line up with your television and not distract from your home’s style. Perhaps your space requires a larger speaker than the length of the screen, then consider placing the soundbar on a shelf or the mantle and selecting your ideal measurements.
  • Appearance: That brings up the next level of customization. For one, you can choose a finish that will match your television for continuity. Then you can select some custom grill and audio fabric, so every inch of your new speaker will fit right in.
  • Sound: The whole reason for your new soundbar is to provide the ultimate audio experience. Leon offers three possible audio channels. We will work with you to make the best selection. We will help you understand the acoustics of your room and select the configuration that will produce the best results.
  • By building their own cabinets, Paradigm has designed a speaker meant to fit your lifestyle. For one they used an elliptical design to create a big speaker that doesn’t overwhelm a room. Also, the Persona comes in various colors to match your home theatre. By having their own speaker cabinet manufacturing space, they can pay attention to every aspect of creation.

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    Complete Sound

    Adding speakers throughout your whole home is the next step to audio bliss. Imagine cooking dinner while listening to your favorite pop song while your children are doing their homework in the next room with light background music. There is a Leon speaker that will fit perfectly in each space. Plus, they are custom-built with the materials--including wood with any finish--of your choice. Here are a few of the options:

  • Timbre Series: These bookshelf speakers are terrific for use in a home theater audio system, or they can stand alone for top-notch music listening.
  • Aaros Series: Designed to match up with the Timbre series, this collection of subwoofers brings out the best of bass. These can be installed in-wall for ideal sound that’s inconspicuous. Talk to your audio expert about your options.
  • Boundary Series: These weatherproof speakers are a wonderful addition to your patio. These speakers come with powerful amplifiers for up to 12 channels of outdoor audio.
  • As you’re selecting the speakers for your home’s audio, talk to an expert. We here at Westcoast AV Gallery will ensure that the quality equipment from Leon performs at its best in your home. Contact us today to get started.

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