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For Better Meetings, Automate Your Boardroom

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The Commercial AV Tools You Need for More Efficiency

Good meetings are imperative for getting things done. Commercial AV has changed the ways that businesses present. The next step is automation. Technology should make the day-to-day more efficient, but if you have difficulty getting your devices to work together then it can do the opposite. In this article, we’ll be covering the tools you need for presenting and how to make them all work together in your greater Vancouver, BC area conference room. Keep reading to learn more.


Providing an engaging presentation begins with good picture quality. Whether you’re looking to hold a teleconference with potential clients or you’re using visuals to keep the meeting on track, finding the right video equipment can make a huge difference.

A screen is essential for the conference room. If you’re using a television, you’ll want to make certain that you find a large screen so all can see and that the image is clear. Consider 4K televisions. The resolution is noticeably better than anything else on the market. If you are looking to impress clients, a crystal clear picture is a good place to start. You could also include a 4K projector with a screen. If you have a larger conference room, you may sometimes need a larger screen than a TV could provide. With a projector, the picture can be much bigger so that everyone can get the message.


Good sound is paramount to a presentation. Speaker selection and placement, for instance, can make a huge difference. You want the sound to be evenly dispersed so that no one in the room is deafened or straining to hear. That can be accomplished by working with an audio professional to map out the acoustics of the space and properly place the speakers. Selecting the proper brand also depends on the room and its uses.

You also need to consider how you want the speakers to look. If you want your speakers to make less of a visual impact but still create the same sonic punch, one option would be hidden speakers. These can be installed into the walls or ceiling for a clean look.


Despite all the modern ways to communicate, the telephone still remains incredibly important. However, you’ll want to make certain that your phone has all the modern touches needed today. That includes hands-free capabilities and clear audio. If your phone is linked into your office’s network, don’t forget to upgrade the Wi-Fi.

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We especially like new smart ovens. For one thing, you’ll never worry that your oven has been left on again; you can check on your smartphone. Plus, you can integrate your oven with your security system to alert you if there seems to be a problem.

Conference Room Automation

While having all these technologies is important, if you can’t get them to work together when you need to, it can feel extremely frustrating. In order to maximize the efficiency of your meetings, consider commercial automation. When all your technologies operate under one system, you are ready to present at a touch of a button.

Work with an integrator to create settings ideal for several scenarios. If you’re making a presentation with the projector, use a touch panel or smartphone and select “presentation.” That will cause the screen unfurl, the projector turns on, and the audio goes to the proper settings. All you’ll need to do is connect your computer. These “scenes” can include other aspects of the room like the lighting. You can integrate motorized shades or lighting control to create the right illumination to set off the picture.

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