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Vancouver Home Theater Systems

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Four Stylistic Solutions for Your Entertainment Space

When installing home theatre systems in luxury spaces, you need to consider more than just AV performance. Homeowners have gone to great lengths to achieve a unique look and feel, and it's important that the theater not interfere with it. From hiding AV equipment to incorporating lavish accessories, there are a few ways we can craft an elegant design for your North Vancouver home. Below, we highlight four features that help you create a movie watching environment you'll want to show off to all of your friends and neighbors.

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Camouflage Your Speakers

It’s often hard to incorporate speakers into luxury homes unless they’re high-end models. Even then, it becomes tough when you need to install them throughout the room to create a three-dimensional Dolby Atmos surround sound setup. What you can do is go with architectural speakers that blend seamlessly into the rest of your decor.

We work with Paradigm and Martin Logan, which offer in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. These models come in two varieties. Either the speaker disappears entirely behind the drywall or only a small, discreet grill shows through that can be painted the same color as its surroundings. This way you get powerful, high-quality audio without having to deal with intrusive equipment.

Incorporate Media Furniture

For the rest of your AV equipment, including your source components and receiver, there are two options. With a custom installation, your home theater components can be hidden away in a separate AV closet or compartment. But if you’re looking for additional furniture to fill in your space, you can also take advantage of BDI media cabinets and modules.

With styles ranging from modern to rustic, they can fit in nicely with the rest of your decor. They come in multiple white, black and wooden finishes and include acoustic film to house your center speakers or soundbar. For the modular systems, you can get a better feel for their offerings by designing your own through their online tool.

Embrace True Theater Seating

What is a luxury theater without the right seating? We partner with Front Row seating, which offers both leather and fabric options. Their fabric models come in over 150 styles, and you can choose from different colors, patterns, and textures. Their leather seats are entirely composed of high-quality, top-grain leather without any split or bonded areas. You can also add head pillows and cup holders for the ultimate comfort.

Enjoy Streamlined Control

Finally, we ensure that you have an elegant way to control your theater. Don’t ruin a sleek, high-performance theatre by filling up your seats’ cup holders with a clutter of remotes. Instead, we can replace them with an elegant touchpad. We partner with Crestron, the top name in home automation, to give you intuitive control of lights, climate, and entertainment so you can create the perfect movie-watching environment without having to leave your seat.

Want to learn more about our home theatre design and installation services? You can check out our monthly blog series or reach out to us by phone at (604) 669-5001 or through our online contact form.

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