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A Guide to Home Surveillance Cameras

Many aspects go into a home security system--from access control to alarms. In this article, we’re going to focus on surveillance cameras and how to find the right type for your home.

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What Does Your Dedicated Theatre Need?

If you love the theatre experience, it might be time to bring it home. With the help of home automation and top-notch audio video equipment

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For Better Meetings, Automate Your Boardroom

Good meetings are imperative for getting things done. Commercial AV has changed the ways that businesses present.

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What’s the Latest in Home Automation?

In the ever-changing world of home automation, there are always exciting technologies you can add to your system. Sometimes, this can feel overwhelming. How will these new technologies affect your home, and do you really need them?

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Combine Style and Quality with Custom Home Audio

Building a beautiful home audio video system requires the right equipment. In the world of audio, every space needs a unique solution that depends on the acoustics and audience. Plus, you want to make certain that your equipment fits in with your decor. Doesn’t it make sense to design custom equipment to meet these needs?

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Paradigm Persona Speakers Will Elevate Your White Rock, BC Theatre

Many factors go into creating the perfect home theatre system, but not one is more important than the audio. You cannot create that immersive cinematic experience in your home without considering your audio system. Think about it: Jaws would not be Jaws unless you felt your heart rate rise with each “duun-dun,” and Star Wars would not be Star Wars without the classic lightsaber sound effects. The powerful audio system is a huge reason we want to go out to the movies. So, when you’re trying to bring the theatre experience home, you must recreate that system. Luckily, the Persona series from Paradigm has arrived to elevate your home theatre. Read on to learn more.

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