Review NAD M17 Surround Processor & M27 Theater Amplifier " /> Review NAD M17 Surround Processor & M27 Theater Amplifier " />

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Review NAD M17 Surround Processor & M27 Theater Amplifier

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Review NAD M17 Surround Processor & M27 Theater Amplifier

“NAD’s flagship components are a technical tour de force that come dressed in a sharp suit. Many of the models in the range have a stereo focus but the M17 processor and M27 multichannel power amp are a no-holds- barred assault on high-end home cinema.”

Read the online review of the M17 & M27 from Home Cinema Choice here.

“The NAD combo is more like an experienced craftsman who personally and painstakingly labors over every note of music before gently releasing it to the speakers. It’s not to say that the M17/M27 combo is polite. If you want loud, you can split your eardrums without difficulty. And the M27’s heat level will barely rise above room temperature while doing it. It’s just that there’s a refinement, sweetness, and accuracy present that I haven’t heard in other Class D products.”

Check out the online review of the NAD M17 M27 here at Home Theater Hifi

“The NAD M17 is a compelling surround sound processor. In terms of audio quality, this is one of the best processors I have experienced. Build quality is impressive, with an appearance to match. The Modular Design Construction is an amazing promise by NAD to future-proof the product for any unforeseen evolution. I have to say that NAD continues to impress me, once again leaving a sonic impression that I won’t soon forget and setting a new standard for me to compare future processors. If I were in the market for a high-performance, top-of-the-line processor, the NAD M17 would be at the top of my short list.”

Read the full review from Home Theater Review Here.

Visit the NAD M17 Product Page Here

Visit The NAD M27 Product Page Here

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