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Building Infrastructure

The key to a successful installation starts with a great design and a comprehensive infrastructure. Take advantage of all the benefits of your White Rock building by integrating commercial AV. Our team of professionals will pull all wiring throughout the project per your plan. We take great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our work at every step of your project.

Common Areas

Residential wireless networks and complete automation is available for condominium and apartment complexes, resorts, universities and much more. By integrating commercial AV to your West Vancouver space you can turn underused space into a media room, provide audio distribution throughout the halls or management offices, and make sure residents can instantly connect any WiFi-enabled computer or device with a username and password system unique to your property.


Go green and save money by installing new fixtures - or replacing existing lights - with an energy-efficient design. Simply take advantage of all the great features that come with commercial AV for your North Vancouver space. Custom-tailored lighting control will allow you to change the mood of any area of your property to suit the occasion. Whether residents are watching TV, dining or entertaining, one press of a button can create the ideal atmosphere. Intelligent lighting also contributes to a safe environment by linking with the security system to turn lights on if un- invited activity is detected. New construction or upgrade - let us fashion a lighting solution perfect for you.


When it comes to your residents or staff, you want dependable air conditioning and heating systems that provide you with value as well as comfort. From adjusting the temperature of your hot tub and pool, to the energy management of each room of your property, automated climate controls pay for themselves by conserving energy at every point of use throughout the night and day. They adjust for personal wants and needs, peak usage and time of day, without you ever having to think about any of it.


Windows are a key design element in any property. Achieving the greatest beauty and efficiency in each room, however, requires being able to control the light in your environment. Motorized shading and drapery transforms harsh glare into soft pleasing light, enhances privacy while preserving exterior views, reduces solar heat gain, provides UV protection for expensive furnishings and artwork, and provides the ability to change daytime into nighttime for restful sleep. Designers have hundreds of window treatment fabric and colour options available to compliment any décor.


A network is a property’s central nervous system. We’ll help lay a solid and reliable foundation that’s ready for today’s technology and for tomorrow’s. Our experience has shown a hard-wired solution almost always works best. So, why not wireless? For most entertainment and communications applications, wireless should only be used if it is not feasible or cost-effective to get a wire to a location. Either way, we will work with you to find a networking solution.

Custom Packages

Let us provide a custom solution for your property. From new construction to historic buildings, we help you bring voice, video, and data to your Multiple Dwelling Unit, with solutions that are easy and secure. We recognize the various vulnerabilities present in utilizing wireless networks, and take great precautions in protecting every network we deploy against would-be intruders. Every property has their own set of unique requirements, business pressures and competitive challenges that we consider and adapt for compliance issues.

Audio Distribution

Audio Distribution systems send music to any room in your property or management offices via a central processor. Control of your music play¬lists is simple and intuitive by means of a touch panel, keypad, handheld RF remote, iPad or similar Wi-Fi device. Whether the speakers are placed in the walls, ceiling, bookshelves, yard, shower or pool, each A/D system is uniquely designed to blend in with its surroundings in order to minimize the visual impact.

Video Distribution

Video distribution means enjoying movies or games in any of the rooms that are part of the system. You could be offering cable TV in the entranceway, while the residents are watching a film in the media room or sitting outside catching up on their favourite streaming series, all with the equipment in one location (keeping the clutter out of each room). We provide elegant control for simple operation, streamlined design for efficient use of components, and reduced costs from elimination of infrequently used cable/satellite boxes.


We offer TV Lifts, Pullout and Swivel systems, Table conversions, Automated Door systems, and Lifts to raise and lower projectors from the ceiling or floor, and much more. Whether your entertainment needs is located in common areas or for each individual residence, our automation products are always available to serve your needs.


A dedicated private cinema is a room in which the environment has been precisely designed & engineered to provide maximum movie and music enjoyment. Special acoustic treatments isolate the room from outside noise, and measured speaker placement optimizes the audio. Plush theatre seating is carefully positioned to allow for unobstructed viewing of your video content on the big screen. Room lighting is controlled, as well, in order to ensure the best picture delivery from the hi-def projector.


Make that requisite great first impression with lighting systems and wiring devices that can withstand the rigors of daily use. Showrooms, as well as dining and common areas, require versatile lighting to accommodate activities from daily business to after-hours cleanup. Take advantage of our Design and Engineering services to really make your showroom “pop.”

Camera Systems

Surveillance systems provide views of your property from strategically placed cameras and can be watched on TV, in-wall touch panels or even from your computer via the internet. Protect your employees at work with the installation of a CCTV system and digital video recorder. Keep an eye on housekeeping staff or the entranceway. Cameras can augment the security system by triggering audible alarms, scene recording, or email generation when they sense motion in the area.

Remote Monitoring

With a monitoring system in place, you can receive alerts for equipment malfunctions, diagnose issues, and repair problems remotely, making it easier than ever to manage your installations and maintain the most reliable systems possible. Each monitoring and support system solution is built specifically based on your property’s unique characteristics.

Architectural Finishes

Our goal is to make your technology invisible. We accomplish this with decorative veneers and overlays, touch-up and repair of all surfaces, paint and plaster replication, expert colour matching, and much more. Services include on-site troubleshooting and problem solving.

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