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Sonos Music Controller App For Sleeping

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Dim the lights low. Draw the blinds. Turn on the slow jams. Let’s talk about the bedroom.

Hey, not like that! We’re talking about your other favorite bedroom activity: sleep.

We all know the importance of a good night sleep. But you work, you commute, you cook, you play, you Netflix, you work more in between … getting eight hours of solid sleep isn’t as easy as it used to be.

But with more sleep research and Arianna Huffington’s new book, The Sleep Revolution, bringing much-overdue attention to how (and how often) we catch our zzz’s, things may be looking up. Even if you can’t grab a full eight hours, you can still get more restful sleep by turning your bedroom into a distraction-free sanctuary for sleep. No surprise: Music is an essential part of the equation.

If you have a Sonos in your bedroom, consider trying these tips and tricks to get the most out of your bedroom time.

Kill the light(s)

When it’s time to wind down, first things first: lower the lights. Low lighting can help quiet the mind and tune out all distractions. This means it is time to put your phone on the charger and set it to Do Not Disturb. Close your laptop and leave it in the kitchen or living room. Power down the tablet and leave your book for the night.

Then, turn on the bedtime tunes.

If you keep a Sonos on your nightstand or dresser, make sure the status light is off by going to Room Settings, then selecting your Bedroom and turning off the White Indicator Light.

Set reminder: Go to bed.

Sure, you can set your alarm with Sonos to make waking up suck less. But you can also set an “alarm” for any time of day. Come 10 p.m., try setting a “Go-to-bed” alarm to your favorite winding-down playlist. It’ll set the right mood and serve as a reminder to stop binge-watching House of Cards until tomorrow.

From the menu in your Sonos app, tap Alarms, then set your Bedroom alarm playlist to play for a duration that will allow ample time for pillow talk and a slow drift into sleep.

White (noise) Riot

Now that you’ve actually gotten yourself into bed, there are lots of different ways you can fade into dreamville.

For some, quiet ambient music is the key. Or maybe white noise or nature sounds are your thing. Luckily, most streaming services on Sonos will have a playlist or album that you can fire up, or you can easily loop an mp3 of your own. Set the timer for it to shut off whenever you’d like, close your eyes and drown everything else out.

Trueplay your bedroom

A cluttered nightstand should never stop you from having music in the bedroom. Using Trueplay tuning, you can pop a PLAY:1 on the floor under your bedside table, a PLAY:3 across the room or a PLAY:5 tucked in a corner and still hear great sound from bed.

Sonos app users on iOS can go to Settings then Room Settings, then tap the Bedroom and Trueplay Tuning to get started.

Bedtime with Matt Berninger

Singer and songwriter Matt Berninger from The National knows first-hand the magical power of music to calm both he and his daughter, Isla, down before bed. He’s even shared his bedtime secrets with us in the playlist below.

Make music part of your bedtime routine tonight. Your tomorrow-you will thank you.

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