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Vancouver Home Automation: What's the Latest

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4 Innovations in Smart Technology Perfect for Your North Vancouver Home

In the ever-changing world of home automation, there are always exciting technologies you can add to your system. Sometimes, this can feel overwhelming. How will these new technologies affect your home, and do you really need them? Now, not every addition is going to be an ideal match for your British Columbia smart home or lifestyle, but we have collected four of our favorite upgrades for your perusal. To learn more about these innovations, read on.

1. Voice Control

This smart home addition has been the stuff of sci-fi for decades. Today, the innovations in voice control made by companies like Amazon and Google have proven this dream can be a reality. The new devices--like Amazon’s Alexa products and Google Home--show that voice control can understand commands and adapt to their environment and users. With Alexa, Amazon introduced far-field microphones that can pick out commands from everyday language. Plus, the voice recognition technology only improves over time as it learns more about its owners.

Now, not only will Crestron and most integration systems support voice control, but many smart devices come with voice recognition already embedded bypassing the need for voice control specific devices.

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2. Green and Beautiful Lighting

Lighting control technology has been around for a while and allows you to easily manage when your lights are on or off and stop wasting energy when you aren’t home. But the innovation in LED lighting temperature has us excited. Before, the switch to LED meant energy savings but, also, change in the entire color scheme of your home. That is because LED lights of the past emitted cooler, bluish light, much different from the warm, yellow tones of incandescent bulbs. Now, LED lights have the ability to change their temperature depending on your preference. You can adjust your home’s color temperature as simply as you can dim your lights!

3. Upgrade Your Appliances

Every year more and more products are being added to the list of the Internet of Things. These are products that can communicate with one another to develop a network of devices. When all your technologies are talking to one another, then your home will intuitively adjust to your lifestyle or sometimes help keep you safe. We’ve seen in the past how typical household devices like thermostats, lights, and others have been improved through connectivity. New products range from kitchen appliances to mattresses.

We especially like new smart ovens. For one thing, you’ll never worry that your oven has been left on again; you can check on your smartphone. Plus, you can integrate your oven with your security system to alert you if there seems to be a problem.

4. Better Networks

As your home takes on more and more devices, you may need to improve your network. The Internet of Things is only possible through a wireless connection. So, after you’ve made the investment in your home’s technologies, you will want to take the time to ensure that they work to their fullest potential. Improving your home’s Wi-Fi can come in many forms. You can update your router to the latest model. You can add extenders to expand your connection reach. You can improve your home’s wiring, perhaps incorporating fiber optics capability. Whatever the best solution for your home, trust your professional integrator to make it happen.

Whether you are a current smart home owner looking for improvements or looking to add automation, West Coast AV Gallery can help. Contact us today, tell us about your project, and we can get started.

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